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Evening photo of the TAMU-CC entryway Momentum sculpture.

Campus Emergency Guide  


BICYCLES, ROLLERSKATES, AND SKATEBOARDS - Bicycles are not allowed in the building; roller blades and skateboards may be carried but not used. Bicycles should be secured at outside bike racks, not attached to columns, light poles or railings (this applies to employees as well).  Running is not permitted in the UC.

SHIRTS AND SHOES - Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times in the building for hygiene and safety reasons.

SMOKING/ VAPING - IS PROHIBITED IN THE UNIVERSITY CENTER. Smokers are ONLY allowed to smoke in designated areas around campus.  Vaping is not permitted anywhere on campus property, per this memo from the Texas A&M System Chancellor.  View the map of designated smoking locations.

ALCOHOL - Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in or around the building except as part of an officially approved event in adherence to University policies. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in public areas of the building. View the Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages on Campus

UNACCOMPANIED CHILDREN & TEENAGERS - An adult must accompany children/teenagers who are not 18 years old and/or are not students while in the building. During camps, conferences and other special events, children/teenagers may use the facilities of the University Center if accompanied by adult chaperones. Children left unattended in the lounges, game room, rotunda, etc.—even while parents attend events--should be escorted to parents/chaperones or out of the building.

POSTING FLIERS/BANNERS – Any posted information must be date stamped at the UC 218 Scheduling Desk, and placed on appropriate bulletin board. Banners are to be hung in the University Center and may be displayed only in approved locations and must be scheduled through the Scheduling Office on the second floor, Suite 218. Signs, fliers, banners etc. may not be taped or tacked to walls, doors, trim, windows, bathrooms, railings, furniture or equipment at any time.

TELEPHONE/COMPUTER/PRINTER/OFFICE SUPPLY USE BY CUSTOMERS - Telephones and other office equipment at the Information Desk and in offices are for business use only. Print services are available at Campus Copies. Scissors, tape, paper, markers, etc. are not loaned out; supplies are available from the Bookstore. In an emergency, the telephone at the information desk may be used.

UNRESERVED EVENTS/SPACE USE - All usage of the meeting/event rooms, information tables, outdoor areas, lounges, etc. for meetings, classes, programs, literature distribution, fund raising activities, etc. must be scheduled through the Scheduling Office. Informal study groups may use the lounges, Rotunda, etc. but these areas should not be used for student organization or departmental meetings/events without special clearance from the Scheduling Office or other senior staff member.

EQUIPMENT - Tables, chairs, staging, A/V equipment, etc. may not be removed from the University Center without approval by a member of the administrative staff. A signed equipment loan agreement form must be completed with the Scheduling Office before equipment may be picked up.

RED PUNCH/GLITTER - Red punch and/or glitter will not be served nor should not be allowed in the building. When glitter gets into the carpet, it is extremely difficult to remove and when red punch is spilled, it permanently stains carpets, walls, etc. Pink lemonade and Grapefruit punches will not stain and are allowed. Any violations of this rule should be reported to the building manager on duty or any full-time staff immediately.

OUTDOOR EVENT SOUND AMPLIFICATION - Amplified sound as part of campus events has the potential to interfere with the University’s primary mission to educated. The following regulations are designed in order to minimize the disruption of the educational process.