Greek Awards 2017

Greek Week Schedule

April 9, 2012-April 12, 2012


Monday, April 9 

            Service Activity                                                 5:30pm-7:30pm                                East Lawn/ Rain location UC Ballrooms 

Chapter Letter Shirt                                        12pm-2pm                                          Table

Penny War                                         12pm-2pm                             Table 

Tuesday, April 10

Capture the flag                                               All day                                                   around campus 

Penny War                                         12pm-2pm                             Table 

Wednesday, April 11

            Greek Variety Show                                       5:30pm-8:30pm                                UC Ballrooms 

Penny War                                         12pm-2pm                             Table 

Thursday,  April 12 

                Greek Awards                                                   7pm-9pm                                            UC Ballrooms 

Penny War                                         12pm-2pm                             Tabldsds


This year, our Greek community logged over 800 hours of community service.  This was only the amount reported, many chapters did not report their services.  From only the six chapters that reported their philanthropy contributions, we raised $29,575.13 for our different philanthropies.  That does not include the eight other Greek chapters on campus that did not make a report.


Standards of excellence

The Greek Life team has created set of goals for all fraternities and sororities on this campus, called the Standards of Excellence. Based on the values of our Greek community, these standards are areas in which every organization wishes to excel.


Standards of Excellence – Scholarship

3.0 + Gold
Alpha Gamma Delta - Spring 17
Alpha Kappa Alpha - Spring 17
Sigma Lambda Beta - Fall 17
2.8 - 2.99 Silver
Delta Delta Delta - Fall 17
Gamma Phi Beta - Spring 17
Kappa Delta Chi - Fall 17
Omega Delta Phi - Spring 17
Phi Delta Theta - Spring 17
Sigma Lambda Gamma - Spring 17
Zeta Tau Alpha - Spring 17
2.6 - 2.79 Bronze
Gamma Phi Beta - Fall 17
Omega Delta Phi - Fall 17
Sigma Lambda Gamma - Fall 17
Sigma Phi Epsilon - Fall 17
Zeta Tau Alpha - Fall 17

Standards of Excellence – Leadership 

Zeta Tau Alpha
Omega Delta Phi
Alpha Gamma Delta
Sigma Phi Epsilon


Standards of Excellence – Service

Kappa Delta Chi
Omega Delta Phi
Delta Delta Delta


Standards of Excellence – Engagement

Delta Delta Delta
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Alpha Gamma Delta


Council Standards of Excellence - Philanthropy

Phi Delta Theta
Delta Delta Delta 


Fraternity and sorority life awards


Chapter Advisor Award

This award is presented to one chapter’s outstanding chapter advisor.  The job that each of the advisors does for their individual chapter is very special.  Chapter advisors give time and energy to their chapters every day and assist them with a variety of things to help them be successful.

Marcia Mell - Delta Delta Delta


Faculty/Staff Advisor

Hector Duarte - Phi Delta Theta


Outstanding Alumni

Matt Martini - Sigma Phi Epsilon  


Sisterhood Award

The Sisterhood Award is given to a member who is seen as a model of sisterhood to her entire chapter.  This member embodies their values and is usually someone the chapter can all lean upon when they need it.

Madison Davis - Alpha Gamma Delta

Lauren Terry - Delta Delta Delta


Brotherhood Award

The Brotherhood Award is given to a member who is seen as a model of brotherhood to his entire chapter.  This member embodies their values and is usually someone the chapter can all lean upon when they need it.

Trey Lopez - Sigma Phi Epsilon


Greek Man/Woman of the year

Each year, the Greek system recognizes a male and a female who excel as student leaders in the Greek system, within their chapter and within the campus community.  The winners go above and beyond as a Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi student and as a member of the Greek community.  They show exemplary leadership skills, service, and are highly regarded amongst their peers.

Sorority Woman of the Year: Jordyn McDaniel - Delta Delta Delta

Fraternity Man of the Year: Richard Torres - Sigma Phi Epsilon


Chapter Excellence Award

Our chapter excellence award is the highest honor any chapter can receive and therefore is not easily attained.  There were several chapters who applied for this award and the decision was a difficult one.

Omega Delta Phi


Greek week winners

Alpha Gamma Delta, Phi Delta Theta, Omega Delta Phi