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Serving Distance Education Students

Services Available to Students at a Distance

Name of Service: Aloha Days (Camp)

Aloha Days Camp is available to students at a distance.  Use fees may apply.  Registration will be available at  It is recommended that students at a distance contact the Student Activities office at 361-825-2707 to ensure they communicate information regarding transportation arrangements. 

Name of Service: Breakers Game Room

Video game tournaments may be available to students at a distance.   Registration will be made available online by completing a registration form.  Use fees may apply. 

The Breakers Game Room website provides specific dates, events, and instructions to participate. 

Name of Service: Greek Life

Membership to the Greek Life community is available for students at a distance through an application process.   Membership to individual chapters is determined by officers of current chapters.  Membership dues apply.  Students at a distance are encouraged to contact the Student Activities office at 361-825-2707 to assist with potential opportunities within their local community.   

Information regarding membership and recruitment opportunities to participate in Greek Life will be posted on each of the council webpages: , ,

Name of Service: Homecoming

Specific Homecoming events are available to online students via web conferencing.  Students at distance may be able to view some events via online streaming (when available) or through post event photos.  Voting for homecoming court is available to all enrolled students since it is offered electronically. It is recommended that students at a distance check the homecoming website to view which events are offered only in person or via online streaming. 

 Name of Service: Lost & Found

Lost and Found is not applicable to students at a distance.  However should the need arise for distance learners to claim an item that was lost while visiting campus, the student may contact the Lost & Found office at 361-825-5202.  Any items which have not been claimed within 90 days are donated and credit cards/IDs are destroyed.

 Name of Service: Student Involvement (Student Organizations & Departmental Organizations)

Being involved with student organizations or departmental organizations is available to students at a distance.  In some instances, student organizations may require membership dues and eligibility requirements.  Students at a distance are encouraged to view the many opportunities available to them utilizing I-Engage at logging in with their Islander credentials.  Students at a distance should request information on how to join an organization by contacting the organization’s representative. Through the use of I-Engage and/or via web-conferencing, students at a distant can attend meetings and assist with organization functions. 

 Name of Service: Waves of Welcome Events

Waves of Welcome Events occur the first 2 weeks of the fall and spring semesters and are primarily held on campus as a way to welcome students to the university.  Events are hosted by a variety of departments on campus and the schedule of events varies each semester.   The schedule is located at

Students at a distance are encouraged to contact the Assistant Director, Media and Special Events in the Student Activities Office as some events may be available via web-conferencing with advance arrangement.  Post event pictures will also be made available on the webpage.

 Name of Service: University Center Activities

Participation in the University Center Activities via web may be arranged with advanced notice.  It is the responsibility of the student to contact the event coordinator listed for each event to request participation/attendance via web-conferencing in advance. 

The master calendar of events occurring in the University Center is available to students at a distance at the following webpage  Students should use the filtering mechanism; check the box marked University Center & Outdoor Facilities to view what is occurring each day in the facility.